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Ultra Sun Screen Panel

Ultra Sun Screen Panel

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The Ultra Sunscreen Panel extends beyond standard sunscreen testing to include evaluation of additional parameters such as SPF (Sun Protection Factor), PA Rating, Boots Star, Critical Wavelength, Broad Spectrum, Water Resistance (WR), and Blue Light Protection. This comprehensive panel ensures a thorough assessment of sunscreen efficacy against various forms of UV radiation and blue light exposure.


  1. Sample Selection: Curate a diverse range of sunscreen samples from different brands and formulations, ensuring variations in SPF levels, water resistance claims, and blue light protection features.

  2. Testing Protocol:

    • SPF Testing: Determine the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of each sunscreen product to measure its effectiveness against UVB radiation.
    • PA Rating: Assess the Protection Grade of UVA (PA) to evaluate the product's protection against UVA radiation.
    • Boots Star Rating: Determine the Boots Star Rating to indicate the ratio of UVA protection to UVB protection.
    • Critical Wavelength: Measure the Critical Wavelength to assess the product's ability to provide broad-spectrum protection.
    • Broad Spectrum: Confirm the product's ability to protect against both UVA and UVB radiation.
    • Water Resistance: Test the product's water resistance by determining the SPF after immersion in water for the claimed period, ensuring consistent protection even when exposed to water.
    • Blue Light Protection: Evaluate the product's ability to block or mitigate the effects of blue light exposure on the skin by measuring its performance against blue light within the 380-500 nanometer wavelength range.
  3. Data Analysis: Analyze the test results for each parameter to assess the overall effectiveness of the sunscreen products in providing comprehensive sun and blue light protection.

  4. Recommendations: Provide recommendations to consumers based on the test results, highlighting the importance of choosing sunscreen with optimal SPF, PA Rating, Boots Star, Critical Wavelength, Broad Spectrum, Water Resistance, and Blue Light Protection for enhanced skin protection against UV radiation and blue light exposure.

Testing Parameters:

  • SPF (Sun Protection Factor)
  • PA Rating (Protection Grade of UVA)
  • Boots Star Rating
  • Critical Wavelength
  • Broad Spectrum
  • Water Resistance (WR)
  • Blue Light Protection


  • Offers superior protection against UVB and UVA radiation with high SPF and PA Rating.
  • Achieves a high Boots Star Rating, indicating balanced protection against UVA and UVB rays.
  • Provides broad-spectrum coverage across the entire UV spectrum, including UVA1, UVA2, and UVB rays.
  • Demonstrates effective water resistance, maintaining SPF efficacy even after immersion in water for the claimed period.
  • Incorporates blue light protection technology to shield the skin from the harmful effects of blue light exposure within the 380-500 nanometer wavelength range.

Turnaround Time: 2- 3 Weeks

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