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Ocular irritation

Ocular irritation

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Ocular irritation test is to check the potential for a substance (such as a cosmetic product, pharmaceutical, chemical or agrochemical) to cause eye irritation when used by the consumer. We usually do HET-CAM for this.

Method: HET-CAM test (hen’s egg-chorioallantoic membrane test) is a test used to determine the irritation potential of substances and is an alternative test to the Draize Rabbit Eye Test. In the test, incubated hen’s eggs are opened carefully on day 9 and the chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) is exposed. Test substances, pure or diluted solutions, are placed directly on the exposed CAM membrane, and the membrane is inspected visually through a microscope. Time for reaction to occur on the membrane is recorded during a 5 min period. The reaction outcomes are haemorrhage (Figure 2), coagulation and lysis. Based on the reaction time, an irritation score, IS, (Kalweit et al., Toxicol in vitro 1990;4:702–704) is calculated and the substances are classified on the basis of the value of the score. Test solutions scoring 0–0.9 are classified as nonirritative, scores 1–4.9 as slightly irritative, scores 5–8.9 as moderately irritative and scores 9–21 as strongly irritative.

Claims: Non Irritant to Eyes

Turn Around Time: 4 weeks.

*Ideal for Shampoo, Conditioner, Facewash, Kajal, or any item that touches near eye area.

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