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Non Irritant To Skin

Non Irritant To Skin

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Non-Irritant to-skin testing for Holi Gulal involves a comprehensive clinical study conducted in accordance with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) standard IS4011. This testing aims to evaluate the potential skin irritation caused by Holi Gulal in healthy human subjects.

Parameters: The testing parameters include recruiting healthy human participants without any known skin conditions or allergies. Holi Gulal is applied to the skin using patch testing methods, and participants are monitored for a specified period to observe any adverse reactions such as redness, swelling, itching, or other signs of irritation. The severity of any observed reactions is graded according to standardized criteria.

Claims: The claims associated with this testing include:

  1. Clinically tested for skin irritation potential on healthy human subjects.
  2. Compliance with BIS standard IS4011 for assessing skin irritant effects of cosmetic products.
  3. Non-irritant formulation suitable for use on the skin during Holi festivities.


  1. Participant Recruitment: Healthy human subjects meeting eligibility criteria are recruited for the study.
  2. Patch Testing: Holi Gulal is applied to the skin of participants using patch testing methods.
  3. Observation Period: Participants are monitored for a specified period following application to assess any skin reactions.
  4. Evaluation of Results: Observed skin reactions are evaluated and graded according to predetermined criteria.
  5. Documentation: Detailed records of the testing procedure, observations, and results are documented for analysis and reporting.

Turn Around Time:3-4 Weeks

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