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Nail Polish Study

Nail Polish Study

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The Nail Polish Study involves testing the adherence and performance of nail polish products according to IS 9245:1994 standards.


This study follows the requirements outlined in IS 9245:1994, Table 1 for Nail Polish (Nail Enamel). It includes tests such as:

  1. Non-volatile Matter: Ensuring a minimum of 20% non-volatile matter by mass.
  2. Drying Time: Evaluating the drying time, with a maximum limit of 6 minutes.
  3. Adhesion Test: Verifying the adherence of the nail polish to the nail surface.
  4. Scratch Test: Assessing resistance to scratching.
  5. Blush Test: Determining resistance to blush formation.
  6. Heavy Metal Content: Testing for heavy metals such as lead (Pb) and arsenic (As2O3), ensuring compliance with maximum permissible limits.


  • Long-lasting adherence to nails
  • Quick drying formula
  • Resistant to scratching and blush formation
  • Compliant with IS 9245:1994 standards for nail polish

Turn Around Time: 6 weeks.

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