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Mild On Skin

Mild On Skin

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Mildness testing for baby care products is crucial to ensure that formulations are gentle and safe for use on delicate and sensitive baby skin. These tests aim to evaluate the potential for irritation, allergic reactions, or adverse effects on the skin, eyes, and overall well-being of infants.


  1. Selection of Test Subjects: Identify a diverse group of infants with varying skin types and sensitivities, including those with a history of dermatological conditions such as eczema or allergies. Obtain informed consent from parents or legal guardians to participate in the testing process.

  2. Patch Testing: Conduct patch testing on a small area of the baby's skin with the test product to assess for any signs of irritation or allergic reactions. Apply a small amount of the product to the inner forearm or back and monitor the area for redness, swelling, itching, or other adverse reactions over a specified period.

  3. Ocular Irritancy Testing: Perform ocular irritancy testing to evaluate the potential for eye irritation or discomfort when the product comes into contact with the baby's eyes. Apply a small amount of the product near the lower eyelid of the baby and observe for any signs of redness, tearing, or discomfort.

  4. Sensory Evaluation: Conduct sensory evaluations involving parents or caregivers to gather feedback on the texture, fragrance, ease of application, and overall user experience of the baby care product. Use questionnaire-based surveys or interviews to assess preferences and satisfaction levels with the product.

  5. Clinical Evaluation: Engage pediatricians or dermatologists to conduct clinical assessments of the test products on babies' skin under controlled conditions. Evaluate skin compatibility, hydration levels, barrier function, and any observed reactions to determine the product's mildness and suitability for infant use.


  • Clinically tested and proven mild for baby's delicate skin.
  • Hypoallergenic formulation suitable for sensitive baby skin.
  • Pediatrician-tested and recommended for gentle cleansing and moisturizing.
  • Free from harsh chemicals, fragrances, and dyes to minimize the risk of irritation.
  • Dermatologist-approved and safe for daily use on babies from newborns onwards.

Turnaround Time:3-4 Weeks

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