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Lipstick Study

Lipstick Study

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The Lipstick Study involves testing the quality and performance of lipstick products according to specified standards.


This study adheres to the requirements outlined in the standard for lipstick, which includes the following tests:

  1. Softening Point: Ensuring a minimum softening point of 55°C.
  2. Microbiological Examination: Limiting the presence of microorganisms to not more than 100 per gram.
  3. Rancidity (Peroxide Number): Ensuring a maximum peroxide number of 10.
  4. Breaking Load Value: Verifying a minimum breaking load value.
  5. Particle Size of Undispersed Pigments: Limiting the particle size to a maximum of 40 microns.
  6. Pay Off Test: Ensuring the lipstick has good pay off.
  7. Arsenic Content: Limiting the arsenic content to a maximum specified level.
  8. Heavy Metals Content: Limiting the heavy metals content, specifically lead, to a maximum specified level.


  • Firm texture with a pleasant feel on the lips
  • Attractive appearance
  • Free from sweating, bloom, and rancidity
  • Compliance with specified standards for lipstick quality

Turn Around Time:6 weeks.

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