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Cosmetic Pencils( Kajal , eyeliner ) Study

Cosmetic Pencils( Kajal , eyeliner ) Study

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The Cosmetic Pencils Study involves testing the quality and performance of various types of cosmetic pencils, including eyebrow pencil, eye-liner/eye-definer pencil, blusher pencil, eye-shadow pencil, highlighter pencil, lip-definer pencil, and bindi pencil.


This study adheres to the requirements outlined in IS 3958:1984, IS 4011:1997, and IS 4707, which include the following aspects:

  1. Colour and Shade: Cosmetic pencils must meet the agreed-upon colour and shade between the purchaser and supplier.
  2. Material and Workmanship:
    • The pencil slip must be in one piece, free from grits, and produce smooth, even, and uniform lines.
    • The slip material must be sufficiently strong to withstand sharpening and not break during use.


  • Provides smooth and even lines
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Available in a variety of colours and shades
  • Compliant with relevant Indian Standards for cosmetic pencil quality

Turn Around Time: 6 weeks.

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