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Compact Powder Study

Compact Powder Study

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The Compact Powder Study involves assessing the quality and safety of skin or compact powders according to IS 3959:2004 standards.


This comprehensive study includes:

  • Matter Insoluble Analysis: Determining the percentage of matter insoluble in boiling water to ensure purity and quality of the powder.
  • Fineness Test: Evaluating the fineness of the powder by measuring the residue on 75-micron and 150-micron IS Sieves to ensure smooth texture and application.
  • Moisture and Volatile Matter Analysis: Measuring the percentage of moisture and volatile matter to prevent clumping and ensure stability.
  • pH Measurement: Determining the pH of the aqueous suspension to assess skin compatibility and prevent irritation.
  • Heavy Metals and Arsenic Testing: Conducting tests to ensure the powder meets safety standards regarding heavy metals (Pb) and arsenic (As2O).
  • Microbial Content Analysis: Assessing the microbial content to ensure product safety and compliance with hygiene standards.


  • High purity and quality standards meeting IS 3959:2004 requirements
  • Smooth texture and application for enhanced user experience
  • Safe and skin-friendly formulation with minimal microbial content

Turn Around Time:6 weeks.

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